bi-polar coding, well maybe just crazy… :)

Coding while bi-polar is a challenge–No it’s not! The day consists of beautifully written well laid out logical byte code prose–It’s really just crap, but I guess the interface works so screw it! Well It does look pretty good under the hood…

That function needs a for loop–Nope it totally needs an each. Well if I use JQuery, but raw javascript is way cool too…But then again Mootools is really good too. No, they all suck… Coffeescript! That’s the way to do it…Wait, Dart. Naw. Back to javascript.

Everything sucks. Nothing works. Deadlines are near… A walk, caffeine and ten minutes later: Not bad, all I need is a line of code and we’re good… refresh: F#@! Everything sucks…


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